Essential Vision

‘You make change happen, or change happens to you’ – it may sound like a thought-bubble from a self-help book, but it’s also the guiding principle behind EMC’s latest initiative ‘Essential Vision’.

Change is happening everywhere, but in the media environment we operate in, it is becoming exponential.

Essential Vision is a new way of telling stories and engaging members based around seeding debate through launching little bullets of well-produced, intelligent, video discussions.

It is EMC’s vision for a new media landscape where member-based organisations can use new technology to provide services to members and bring people together.

At Essential Vision, strong principles ground us: respect, openness, discovery and a fair go.

It is these principles that are the foundation of Essential Vision’s first project 3Q – Questions that Count.

3Q – Questions That Count is Essential Vision’s flagship show.

It’s a panel based talk-show that aims to foster intelligent, but not too earnest, discussion from people who know their stuff. Think TED meets the Drum – or maybe even the Footy Show without the boof-heads.

Every week we will ask three questions of three guests and then open up the discussion to the panel. Simple.

But the aim is to have a new type of discussion. Instead of picking fights between people with different views, we want to understand issues, draw out our guests to find out what they think – not convince them they are wrong until the whole thing degenerates into a shouting match.

So, from union leaders to people heading NGOs, Super Funds and beyond – we will bring people together to discuss the key issues facing their organisations and Australia. You can check out the 3Q supporters here.

But it’s not just about them – we want you to share the Vision as well and contribute to the discussion – check out the questions we are asking this week and help us continue the conversation. We want to know what you think too.

You can join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter or watch the latest 3Q episode here.

And for all the political junkies out there, don’t forget, you can catch the program 8am, Sunday on Sky APAC.

Our Team

Sarah Macdonald
Sarah Macdonald is a writer, broadcaster and journalist. She has worked as a political reporter and Morning Show presenter for Triple J and a ABC News and Current Affairs reporter. Sarah has hosted shows on 702 ABC Sydney, Radio National and ABC Television. She is also the author of the best selling memoir ‘Holy Cow’ which has been published in seven languages around the world and she writes a column for Fairfax’s new online blog Daily LIfe.

Anne Connolly
Anne Connolly is a journalist with over 20 years of experience. She won the Gold Walkley for uncovering the “cash for comment” deals on Sydney radio and more recently received numerous awards for her work on the rugby league story Code of Silence for Four Corners.

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