Change in gas/electricity usage

Dec 10, 2012

Q. And as far as you know, over the last few years, has your gas and/or electricity usage increased, decreased or stayed much the same?

Total increased


Total decreased


Increased a lot


Increased a moderate amount


Increased a little


Stayed about the same


Decreased a little


Decreased a moderate amount


Decreased a lot


Don’t know


54% say their power usage has increased over the last few years, 16% say it has decreased and 26% think it has stayed much the same.

Change in usage was similar across all ages except the 65+ group where 39% thought their usage had increased, 22% decreased and 38% stayed much the same.

Among Greens voters, 42% said their usage had increased, 24% decreased and 30% stayed much the same. There were no substantial differences across income groups.

56% of those with air conditioning or evaporative cooling said their power usage had increased compared with 45% of those without air conditioning or evaporative cooling.

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