Government regulation

Feb 14, 2017

Q. Overall, do you think Australia has too much or not enough Government regulation?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other
Has too much regulation 33%   33% 31% 20% 52%
Has not enough regulation 19%   19% 22% 26% 18%
Has about the right amount of regulation 27%   28% 33% 28% 15%
Don’t know 22%   20% 15% 26% 15%


33% think that Australia has too much Government regulation and 19% think there is not enough regulation. 27% think there is the right amount and 22% don’t know.

There is little difference between the views of Liberal/National and Labor voters. However, 52% of other voters think there is too much regulation while Greens voters (20%) are less inclined to think there is too much.



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