Preferred Prime Minister

Sep 11, 2018

Q. Who do you think would make the better Prime Minister out of Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten?

  Total   Vote Labor Vote Lib/Nat Vote Greens Vote other   Sep 2018 Morrison Aug 2018


Scott Morrison 39%   14% 74% 15% 47%   39% 41%
Bill Shorten 27%   56% 7% 49% 15%   29% 27%
Don’t know 34%   30% 19% 36% 38%   32% 31%

39% thought that Scott Morrison would make the better Prime Minister (no change in last fortnight), and 27% thought Bill Shorten would be better (down 2%). 34% did not know who would make a better Prime Minister.

The results were split by party, with 74% of Liberal/National voters saying that Scott Morrison would be a better Prime Minister, and 56% of Labor voters saying Bill Shorten would.

Greens voters preferred Bill Shorten (49%) to Scott Morrison (15%).

43% of men prefer Scott Morrison and 30% prefer Bill Shorten.

35% of women prefer Scott Morrison and 24% prefer Bill Shorten.

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